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About Doosan Collaborative Robots

Doosan Robotics is a leading manufacturer of collaborative robots (cobots), which are robots designed to work side by side with humans without fences or barriers, allowing human workers and robots to perform their tasks in the most efficient and effective way, increasing overall productivity.

The Tool House has a full team of application engineers at your disposal to help you determine the correct line of Doosan robots for your application, as well as help you program and install each unit at your location. We have extensive training applications that will help you and your team get up to speed when it comes to operating and maintaining your new Doosan line of robots.


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Product Lineup


Optimized to perform repetitive tasks at a high speed within limited space


Payload: 6kg
Reach: 900mm


Supports highest payload capacity for effective handling of heavier objects


Payload: 15kg
Reach: 900mm


Standard, versatile model suitable for various applications


Payload: 10kg
Reach: 1,300mm


Most ideal and effective for operating multiple tasks or carrying out applications that require long reach

Payload: 6kg
Reach: 1,700mm


Degrees of freedom: 6
Rated payload: 15kg
Max reach: 900mm
Tool speed: 1m/s
Repeatability: +/- 0.1mm
Temperature: 0-45℃

Joint Movement

J1 Range / Speed +/- 360℃ / 150℃/s
J2 Range / Speed +/- 360℃ / 150℃/s
J3 Range / Speed +/- 150℃ / 180℃/s
J4 Range / Speed +/- 360℃ / 225℃/s
J5 Range / Speed +/- 360℃ / 225℃/s
J6 Range / Speed +/- 360℃ / 225℃/s

Other Features

Weight: 32 kg
Installation position: Any (Floor, ceiling, wall)
Protection Rating: IP54
Digital I/O – flange: 6 In / 6 Out
I/O power supply: DC 24 V / Max. 3 A