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About Advanced Manipulator Specialists

Advanced Manipulator has been providing material handling solutions since 1995.

When you need to lift, transfer, rotate, position or reach, Advanced Manipulator Specialists, Inc. is your answer to optimized material handling. Their industrial manipulators and torque reaction arms are built specifically for you.

Since their first innovation in 1995 with the UltiMate Electric Manipulator, Advanced has evolved to additional material handling products; pneumatic and hydraulic machines, torque reaction arms, and below the hook lifting devices, to name a few.

Ultimate Material Handling

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    Manipulator Arms

    There is a solution to your material handling difficulties. Advanced Manipulator offers an extensive line of standard industrial manipulator arms and unlimited customized solutions

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    Mobile Manipulators

    Take the “line” out of assembly- lift, transport, and manipulate your product right form the driver’s seat.

    ft, Transport and Manipulate Your Product From The Driver’s Seat

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    Torque Arms

    Advanced Manipulator offers a complete line of Torque Reaction Arms for air and electric tools. Constructed with the highest quality material and workmanship, they are made to last.

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    End Effectors

    Custom designed end tooling will complete a manipulator project or complement an existing or new hoist and track system.

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    Roll Handling & Shaft Handlers

    Virtually any weight load or application is accommodated with the Advanced Manipulator Specialists Roll Handling Manipulator and Shaft Handler Systems. Standard or customized designs and multiple mounting options will fulfill your handling needs.

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    Window Industry

    Whether you need to manipulate windows, flip sashes, or have a unique application in the window industry, Advanced’s design will equip you with the most productive, safe, and industrious glass handling system.

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    Specialty Applications

    Expertise in producing solutions is not limited to their standard lines. Designing equipment for unique circumstances is another Advanced Manipulator specialty.