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About AIMCO Manufacturing

AIMCO Manufacturing began operations in 1993 by redesigning and expanding equipment based on designs for an industrial manipulator and an articulated jib crane previously manufactured for the automotive industry.

AIMCO has continued to grow through the development of new products and the addition of new distributors and markets. Today AIMCO products are helping the production processes of a vast array of goods and services in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Taiwan and China.

AIMCO is able to integrate with supplied lifting mechanisms such as air hoists & air balancers, as well as bridge crane systems. They have the ability to integrate with all types of material handling equipment.

AIMCO Manufacturing Products

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    Jib Cranes

    AIMCO has some of the finest Jib Cranes availabl.e Air or Electrical lines are internal to the arms, allowing the cranes to maintain 360° rotations at both knuckles. Another option is the VacuJib, offering the same 360° rotation and an attached clevis bracket for utilizing a Vacuum Tube Lifter.

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    AIMCO is able to integrate all manufacturer’s Air Balancers with the Articulated Jib Crane. Nested at the jib’s secondary pivot point, the balancer’s load cable is routed internally and over a sheave at the end of the arm.

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    AIMCO’s Stacker Lift is ergonomically designed for hard to reach work areas. With a vertical lift of up to 10 feet, this Low Headroom Pneumatic Lift is ideal for work areas where headroom is a premium. Other lift options are available, such as The TorqLIFT , which provides a rigid “load arm” between the work piece and the crane, allowing loads to be securely handled and manipulated; and KickLIFTs; ideal for load manipulation in low headroom environments.

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    End Effectors

    AIMCO has a variety of end effectors. The Mechanical Grab uses pneumatic power to clamp or enclose a part for safe handling. This is the most versatile tooling style, using custom jaws and grip pads to fit any application’s needs. Vacuum Grabs provides safe reliable product handling for many markets including glass handling, sheet metal, body panels and much more. Magnetic part holding is a good solution for carbon steel product with various part features such as scattered holes and/or complex surfacing.

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    Ergonomic Controls

    AIMCO has ergonomic controls perfect for your application. The Ergonomic Handlebar is best for vertical strokes that go beyond 48 inches. Pivoting Handlebars keep the control handles in a floating state, and are an economic control choice. Automatic Clamp and Unclamp (ACU) uses an internal mechanism to actuate a tool, and can use various styles of handles/ controls.

Customize Your Application

Get the most out of your application with multiple mounting options.

AIMCO’s Portable Base can be rated up to 444 LBs. This ballast base is equipped with two fork pockets and four leveling pads.

Heavy duty brackets are employed in a compression-plate arrangement to fix an AIMCO Lift-Assist System on to an existing building column. Mount AIMCO products to fit your needs; from overhead bridge cranes to forklifts. Custom mounts are also available!