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About Apex Bits and Sockets

Apex is one of the world’s largest manufacturer of industrial fastener drive tools.

For more than 80 years, Apex has become the leading innovator of industrial grade screwdriver bits, sockets, bits, extensions, bits and adapters for a variety of industries. Apex has even revolutionized the market with the µ-Guard™ Anti-Mar protective covers. µ-Guard covers improve safety in the work environment as well as increase the tool’s life by protection from scratches, chips, dents, and in system damage.

The Apex brand is synonymous with a true fit to a wide variety of fasteners, consistent world-class quality & durability that outlasts as well as outperforms the competition. When you factor in new product innovations, capabilities for specials & a strong global distribution network, it’s easy to see why Apex is the ideal brand of fastening tools for your assembly & maintenance operations.

Leadership in Industrial Fastening Tools

Precision Fit

Starting with select raw materials, only carefully chosen high grade steel is used for Apex tools. Each tool is made to the tightest tolerances in the industry, meeting even the most stringent military specifications. Tightness eliminates “cam-out” and premature bit failure.

Lasting Performance

Many Apex Bits are offered in 3 heat treat hardness levels (X, I, & R) to match each application. This gives a tough, non-brittle durability that stands up to torque.

Innovative Solutions

Apex has and continues to partner with leading fastening manufacturers to assist in developing new solutions. µ-Guard protective covers are a product of this technology development.

Unsurpassed Offering

Apex has over 10,000 sellable offerings – and with experienced tooling experts are able to customize and manufacture specialties to meet specific application needs.

Availability & Service

Apex keeps a large stock of ready to use parts as well as blanks to manufacture more-all from over 2,000 authorized distributors.

Leadership in Industrial Fastening Tools

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    Quality Bits Start With Quality Steel.  Apex has worked to make longer lasting, versatile bits for a variety of applications and industries.

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    Bit Holders

    Bit holders allow you to quickly switch between a variety of fastening attachments on the go. APEX manufacturers a comprehensive selection of bit holders, including: Magnetic, Quick Release, Quick Release Chucks, and Custom Bit Holders.

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    Sockets & Universal Wrenches

    Apex Tool Group is proud to offer one of the most comprehensive selections of impact sockets on the market. They offer exceptional performance and most can be coated with mar-resistant coating. Explore their complete line of sockets including; Impact Sockets, Magnetic Impact, Surface Drive, and Fast Lead Impacts.

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    Extensions & Adapters

    Universal wrench adapters give sockets the additional capabilities of a universal wrench. Apex universal wrenches are available with tension-type sleeves, a unique feature that prevents flopping and makes it easier to engage the tool at the desired driving angle.

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    Custom Solutions

    From Socket Retaining Rings and Grease Fitting Sockets, to Hand Drivers and Awls, Apex has the custom solutions to meet and exceed any needs.

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    µ-Guard & Anti-Mar Covers

    Apex μ-Guard covered tools successfully improve operator safety and minimize scratches, chips, and dents from in-system damage and marring. μ-Guard gives you the advanced protection you need to work more effectively, without sacrificing the functionality of Apex tools.

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    Universal Joints

    Apex has been supplying universal joints for military and commercial applications for more than 70 years. Offering a variety of universal joint solutions for standard and custom applications.