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About Cleco® Power Tools

Cleco is a powerhouse in the assembly tool industry founded in 1894. They have an excellent track record of dependable tools at competitive prices.

Testament to their tooling know-how, Cleco invented the Clecomatic clutch, which has essentially been copied by every major tool manufacturer in the industry. They offer a very wide variety of torque-controlled tools, from low torque pneumatic screwdrivers to very high torque DC transducerized tools.

Unique to Cleco tools is their controller and intelligent spindles. These are the cleanest version of multi-fixtured spindles available. Most brands limit the number of spindles being run to the number of cables and controllers needed to run those spindles (e.g. a 6 spindle would require 6 cables running to 6 different controllers.) The Cleco multi-spindle has the ability to run up to 32 spindles with one cable running to one controller, a feature that puts it far above the rest when it comes to running multi-fixtured spindles.

Also unique to Cleco is their Livewire tools, which are transducerized, battery powered tools that communicate via wi-fi to a controller.



Multiple Spindles, One Controller

Unlike most competitors who limit spindles to one controller controls one spindle, Cleco’s intelligent spindles can run 32 spindles with 1 cable/controller.

Livewire Cordless Tool System

LiveWire™ is Cleco’s exclusive cordless tool system, an industry-leading innovation that combines traditional fastening technology with advanced Wi-Fi connectivity.

Remote Programming Software

Cleco’s proprietary remote software coupled with a global controller allows for centralized operations and real time monitoring of operations.