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About Desoutter Industrial Tools

Founded in 1914, Desoutter set out to become the world leader in assembly solutions it is today, the Desoutter brand has combined many skills and expertise. 

Desoutter has become one of the most widely known names in advanced assembly. They are one of the few manufacturers that offer everything from very low-torque electric tools to very high-torque DC electric transducerized tools, and everything in between. Major product offerings include DC Electric Tools, Battery Tools, Quality Control Equipment, Air Motors, and Auto Feed Drills and Tappers.

Besides the new platform of CVI-3 controllers, products unique to Desoutter include the only transducerized twin controller, offering the capability to run two DC tools from one controller under different parameter settings. They have also just released a line of transducerized battery powered tools that communicate via wi-fi to a controller, and a Current Control swingbar tool that can reach 950 Nm.

The Tool House has a long history of success with Desoutter tools and our staff has received extensive training on all products directly from Desoutter themselves. Our technical support team is fluent in the language of all Desoutter controllers as well as wireless networking within the production setting. We are perfectly capable of supporting these products directly without giving our customer the run-around for technical assistance. Contact us today to see Desoutter tools in action or to set up a demo. We have a lot to show you.

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