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About GCI Lifting Solutions

GCI is in the business of custom material handling solutions. We work with GCI and you to engineer the perfect solutions for your applications. These solutions cover a wide range, from out-of-the-box to complete solutions.


GCI’s mechanical engineers, including one PE, thrive on solving ergonomic problems.


Your solutions will be custom engineered, backed by over 25 years of experience.


In-house fabrication allows us to create custom components in a very short period of time.

Types of Material Handling Systems

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    20′ Reach/20,000 lb. Lift Capacity

    The manipulator arm is ideal for applications involving heavier loads. This industrial material handling equipment is capable of lifting up to 2,000+ lb. capacity at up to a 20 foot reach. The end effector on the manipulator is customized for your material handling needs.

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    AdaptiCS Smart Arm

    Part Locator Strategies / Dynamic Work Process

    The AdaptiCS Smart Arm can be used to error-proof almost any application. Smart arms help guide the operator with a torque monitoring program that also tracks the number of fasteners used in assembly. The AdaptiCS Smart Arm: supports picture and PDF work-instruction display; has multiple part locator strategies; includes a fully programmable dynamic work process display; and is capable of infinite part programs.

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    Carbon Fiber Composite Technology

    20’ reach / 500 lb. lift capacity / 7500 Nm torque reaction

    Carbon fiber composite technology provides the most ergonomic and lightweight material handling systems in the industry. They are lighter than any metal product but are just as durable as steel

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    End Effectors and Tooling

    GCI’s end effectors are designed to be fast, lightweight, and easy to use. Whether it is a straight-forward roll handling project or a complex clean room application, our team of skillful engineers will meet or exceed all your expectations. Able to be mounted on either a manipulator arm, jib crane, or a hoisting system.

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    Pneumatic Grippers

    This type of tooling can grab material from an inner or outer direction. The gripper will be custom designed to handle your specific product.

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    Vacuum Lifts

    The vacuum lift tooling utilizes suction cups to move boxes, panels, drums, and other products with a smooth surface.

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    Torque Reaction Systems

    Compatible with any DC tool model on the market today: whether you have a 10 Nm or a 7500 Nm, single or multi-spindle application, GCI has the perfect solution for your torque reaction needs.