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About Gesipa USA

Founded in Walldorf, Germany in 1955, GESIPA® has become one of the leading international companies in the blind rivet market segment.

GESIPA® USA was opened to better accommodate the US market in 1975, focusing on providing a high level of quality and dependability in the fastening market.

GESIPA® USA offers a wide variety of blind rivet options in both standard offerings and engineered special solutions along with their highly reliable automated riveting systems, air powered and battery operated tools that accommodate a vast range of industries and applications. With quality products, service and support, GESIPA®  has become an innovative and valued partner in today’s fastener industry.

Expert Source in Blind Riveting and Tooling

GESIPA blind rivets are made longer than standard, with break-points matched to the body length.  This ensures the setting tool needs to be triggered only once to set the rivet and extract the mandrel. High quality and clean blind rivets lengthen the setting tools’ life.

GESIPA invented battery powered blind riveting technology. Cordless models use a brushless DC motor less susceptible to wear, and Li-Ion batteries. Along with  a complete line of cordless blind riveting tools, GESIPA also offers pneumatic air powered tools.

GESIPA has redesigned their manual rivet tools for advanced ergonomic comfort and safety and improved performance. Manual tools offer simple, one handed use. GESIPA uses their most common nose pieces secured directly to the tool and are quick and easy to change.