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About JD Neuhaus

Originally established in 1745, the subsidiary JD Neuhaus LP was established in the United States in 1989.

They are the world leader of pneumatic and hydraulic hoists, crane systems, and system solutions. JD Neuhaus chain hoists and cranes are driven by compressed air- a safe alternative when the danger of electrical sparks exists in your work environment.

Explosion Protection

JDN’s air powered products come explosion proof as standard – compressed air power produces no sparks, making these hoists and cranes safer to use in hazardous environments than standard electric products.

Sensitive Control

Air offers a unique sensitive metering of energy – this allows precise movement of even the largest loads. Choose from a variety of controls, from simple models to more complex variable speed models that fit your project’s needs.

Compact Design

JDN hoists are more compact than traditional electric models. This makes them more versatile and suitable for more applications. Smaller sizes that still deliver the strongest performance.

Extreme Conditions

JDN products can be used virtually anywhere. From industries like mines, smelters, wharfs, and drilling platforms, they operate and perform up to 100 meters underwater and in temperatures as low as -45°C.