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About Light Guide Systems

Light Guide Systems is our preferred choice for an augmented reality solution.

Light Guide Systems is the premier AR solution product created by OPS Solutions, LLC out of Livonia , MI. OPS Solutions became a company in 2005. Their first generation of projector based solutions were introduced in 2009. The Tool House has become LGS premier integrator for the Midwest. We specialize in LGS systems integrations, programming and customizations. We have the ability to apply smart manufacturing principles to achieve advance levels of internet of things systems inter connectivity.



 LGS can be scaled up to interface directly into the customers I/O plant environment or scaled down to act as a stand alone system.

Productivity improvement

 LGS measures the cycle time allowing for a “real time” time study to be performed with each cycle creating actionable data.

Error Proofing

  LGS is programmed to guide operators through the standardized steps involved in kitting, assembly, inspection, packaging, and maintenance.


 LGS is portable enough that systems can be moved within a factory environment to solve problems that arise in various areas.


 The limitations of LGS are unknown. LGS can be applied to nearly any assembly application across a variety of manufacturing industries.


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