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About Panasonic Power Tools

Panasonic specializes in battery tools, perfect for assembly environments where an airline or electric cable is not an option.

Smart Impacts allows the user to “teach” the tool a certain joint and make that action repeatable, resulting in a consistent rundown every time. The battery tools also have the ability to communicate wirelessly to a qualifier, which will count rundowns/fasteners and effectively error-proof a particular process. Eliminate defects and increase quality for your applications with Panasonic tools. Panasonic designs tools that can withstand the harsh environment of construction sites and constant use in industrial manufacturing.

Panasonic tools are at the low end of the price spectrum and are low-wear tools. They are readily available through The Tool House and very easy to support. Battery powered Panasonic tools have been responsible for resolving some of the most difficult applications we have encountered. Contact us today to see them in action.

Why Panasonic Assembly Tools?


Cordless tools are lightweight and can be used anywhere. No bulky power cords or air lines to drag around!

Li-Ion Batteries

Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) batteries from Panasonic last longer, and are resistant to overcharging & discharging, and overheating. Batteries save energy and recover quickly from power outages.

Air Quality

Panasonic Assembly tools do not use oil, eliminating residue that can pollute the workplace. Lack of oil also reduces maintenance of tools.

Energy Saving

Cordless tools use 99% less energy than air tools, helping you keep your bottom lines.


Increased accuracy in pulse tools comes from “teaching” impacts and no fluctuations in air pressure.