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SCS Concept offers a wide range of torque/angle wrenches for production, quality & lab, data collector / analyzers, rotary & static transducers, test benches, software, calibration and service, including customized solutions.

Discover the Freedom

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    Digital Torque Wrenches

    SCS Concept torque/angle digital wrenches are easy to use and provides real time results during the tightening operation. Depending on the model, wrenches are equipped with wide touch screen display, LEDs, buzzer and vibration device.

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    Test Benches

    SCS Concept produces a complete range of test benches for control and calibration of all kind of tools (hydraulic, electronic, impulse, torque wrenches). With wheels and battery powered, they are the best instruments to be easily managed along the production line.

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    Torque Analyzers

    SCS Concept Torque Analyzers feature quality control tests on joints already tightened (measurement of residual torque).

    They can be connected to all the SCS Concept torque and torque/angle transducers. They manage route control campaigns, receiving and transferring test programs with management software and database.

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    Torque Angle Transducers and Joint Simulators

    SCS Concept torque and torque/angle transducers are designed to measure torque and angle with high accuracy. Connected to data acquisition systems or test benches, they allow the test of torque wrenches and power tools.

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    FPS Freedom Positioning System

    The SCS Concept FPS Positioning System provides the 3D coordinates of the ultrasonic transmitter to the production system (SCS Concept or customer application). The tool position can be used to start a cycle, or to check that the operator is working on the correct part.