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About Wearwell

Originally known as Tennessee Mat, Wearwell was founded in 1950, with the idea of reusing old tires as high quality industrial mats for standing workers.

For decades Wearwell worked to create ergonomic and safe design anti-fatigue matting for standing workers, to optimize their health and productivity. With a long list of innovations, Wearwell has continually created new solutions for workplace ergonomics. In this process, they have created more successful ergonomic and safety services than anyone in the industry, including the DiamondPlate SpongeCoat industrial mat, still the best seller of all time.

Wearwell has the best interest of the “Industrial Athlete” at their core. All Wearwell products are made to meet specific needs, specially for the standing worker.

When your workplace needs the best solutions in flooring and matting for safety, productivity, and to increase your bottom line, look no further than Wearwell Mats.

Why Wearwell?

Green Technology

From the beginning Wearwell Mats have been leaders in recycling and green initiative. Many products are made with 33% even up to 100% recycled materials.


Wearwell has you covered in any environment; with non-slip and chemical resistant designs to ESD grounding, and sanitizing or clean room mats.


Wearwell specializes in custom mats and floors. Easily designed by length and width or by application.

Reduce Injury

Through many studies, ergonomic mats are proven to reduce physical stress from standing by 50%-leading to less accidents, downtime and worker absence.