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These days, almost everything we use can be connected to something else. With Cloud Storage, anything on our devices instantly “travels” with us, from desktop computers to laptops, tablets and phones. Who doesn’t love the convenience of having access to all your information, no matter where you are?

Thanks to The Internet of Things (IoT) and Industry 4.0, manufacturing is taking similar steps to data storage and management. In today’s assembly processes, error proofing and project management are essential. So how do we manage multiple workstations, multiple tools, and all the data that comes with? Process Control Software is the definitive solution.

What do you need out of such a software program?

Is it easy to program and use? Need to control who has access to it? Will it grow well with my process?

Pivotware Process Control Software is a great program for this. For over a decade Pivotware has continually improved assembly processes in the automotive and aerospace industry, as well as other assembly lines worldwide. Pivotware is all about error proofing and complete project management – starting with its three fundamental processes.

  • It runs with Island based architecture. This means every individual workstation operates independently. Each station encompasses every process, for every model, able to be used by any potential operators, for all components. Since each station houses all your necessary information, it’s completely resilient to network failures.
  • It is completely scalable. Start with only one station at a time, or outfit your entire assembly line.
  • And most importantly, Pivotware offers complete customer ownership, giving you complete control. This is freedom to create, manage, and manipulate your processes at your own pace – and without any programming experience necessary.

First, you program your process in Pivotware’s Fusion software. Fusion becomes the master of all your smart devices (regardless of tooling brands) allowing everything to be managed together. The Infinity workstation interacts with the operator. This touchscreen is their access to the process – a step-by-step operator guide. Information gathered from these processes is stored centrally in Fusion. Now we not only have error proofed and checked each part of the assembly, the data gathered gives understanding into the process: know who did the process, which tool was used, and how long it took. Once you fully understand the process, you will only improve your practice.

In the Industry 4.0 world, Pivotware is the sound choice to manage assembly.


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